We take pride in our carefully chosen dependable staff with a strong customer focus. Our vibrant workplace culture creates a positive, thriving atmosphere.


The role of movers entails professionalism, effective communication, handling heavy furniture, showcasing endurance, and a strong focus on wrapping and protecting furniture, couches, larger items, valuable possessions, boxes, some disassembly, as well as beds and more.


The key duties of drivers revolve around upholding professionalism, effective communication, ensuring the safe and attentive operation of the truck, lending a hand in the loading process, exercising care in handling furniture, undertaking disassembly tasks when required, and managing various paperwork and procedures, among other responsibilities.


The role of the Office Manager is pivotal, encompassing a wide range of responsibilities tied to customer service, organization, financial management, and data entry. This position plays a key role in supporting the entire Samson Professional Movers team, guaranteeing the efficient and thorough handling of both customer service and administrative responsibilities.


We're seeking a dynamic Sales Associate who's ready to make a significant impact. In this role, you'll own the entire sales process, from handling incoming leads to sealing the deal. Your responsibilities are not limited; they encompass forging strong customer relationships, addressing inquiries about our services, and providing expert recommendations. Your ability to swiftly resolve customer concerns and ensure their utmost satisfaction is crucial.

To excel as a Sales Associate, it's essential to keep your finger on the pulse of the ever-evolving moving industry. Additionally, maintaining our company's impeccable image is a top priority. Are you up for the challenge? Join us in this exciting journey.

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